Caring for the planet is becoming more and more important in the lives of so many people around the world. In this modern age, we are paying more attention to the little things that can be done to make use of what we have and recycle what can no longer be used. One of the ways in which we can achieve this is through the act of turning food waste into energy.

In this article, we are going to show you how recycling food waste can be of benefit as well as how using a food waste machine can aid this.

Why Should We Recycle Food Waste?


It may come as a surprise to learn that as much as $2 trillion worth of food waste is generated every year worldwide, this equates to around 1.6 billion tonnes, totally a third of all food produced. This shocking figure should be enough to motivate us into being more mindful when it comes to throwing out any sort of food waste. If it cannot be eaten, it may certainly be good for other uses, such as turning into energy.

With many of the natural sources of energy being depleted, it is always at the back of people’s minds that a new energy source is going to be needed in the not-too-distant future and this means coming up with creative ways. Of course, there are research programs into using faecal matter as an alternative energy source as well as more socially acceptable methods such as harnessing wind and solar power. But with so much food waste, it makes sense to take advantage of this.

What Are The Benefits Of Turning Food Waste Into Energy?


There is a wealth of benefits to using food as an alternative energy source, one of the most obvious being that there will always be a plentiful supply but let’s take a look at some of the other pros of using our leftovers for power.

  • Landfill sites will be greatly reduced. It is devastating to learn that the largest landfill site in the world is actually in the North Pacific ocean, this is something that could be tackled if we were to put less food waste into the trash.
  • Fewer landfill sites mean that there will be lower amounts of potentially toxic gases being released into the atmosphere which in turn may slow down further damage to the atmosphere and global warming. Additionally, this means that air quality may improve, potentially improving breathing problems.
  • As we mentioned, some of the other sources of energy are being quickly used up with estimates showing that gas and oil could run out in as little as 50 years! That is still within many of our lifetimes and doing something about this has never been so important. Food waste could be the answer as an alternative fuel source.
  • Recycling food waste could save money for businesses since, in some cases, there are fees for excess waste removal. Recycling this waste eliminates these fees and whilst there is an upfront cost for the equipment, this will be earned back over time making it something of an investment.

Food Recycling Machines


Recycling, for a lot of people still feels like something of an effort with more than 8 billion tonnes of plastic still not being reused – that is 91% of all the plastic that is manufactured each year. This is a shameful figure and when we combine it with the huge amount of food waste being shoved into landfill annually, we can see that making the effort to recycle could be of huge benefit for this planet.

Recycling your food waste could not be any easier, especially with the introduction of food recycling machines, also referred to as a food waste machine which will do most of the hard work for you. What’s more, the entire process doesn’t take anywhere near as long as you would think. Let’s explore the process to see how simple it is.

  • Begin by opening the lid for the machine and place your food waste inside. Be sure to never include anything other than organic waste.
  • Reseal the machine and allow the process to begin.
  • The machine will speed up the process of decomposition of the food waste, which might usually take weeks. It does this through a fermentation process using micro-bites which turn the waste into a renewed fertiliser of the highest quality.
  • What’s most impressive is that all of this is achieved in just 24 hours!

These modern food waste machines not only accomplish the transformation in an impressive timeframe but they also save on energy during use with each one taking a minimal power consumption for every process.

What Type Of Businesses Would Benefit From A Food Recycling Machine?



In truth, anyone anywhere can make use of a food recycling machine but one of the main applications for this type of device is to make a dramatic difference to the amount of waste produced by the food industry. There are food companies that are now donating their leftovers to charitable organisations such as soup kitchens and food banks but in some cases, where the food is no longer fit for human consumption, this is no longer possible and so a food waste machine may be the solution to the problem.

Food manufacturers, restaurants, buffet or catering services and supermarkets are all throwing away eye-watering amounts of food with supermarkets being responsible for as much as $43 billion worth of the annual food waste across the world. Yet with the simple addition of a food recycling machine to their business, this figure could be drastically reduced.



No matter whether you are running a small family-run cafe in a quiet town or are operating on a much larger scale, a food waste machine will be a welcome addition to your business. So why not check out our range of food waste machines at Westcom Solutions and find a machine to suit your needs.

We offer machine for varying capacities from below 50kg all the way up to waste weighing more than 1000kg. Each machine is made from durable materials like steel to give you the confidence that you can convert your food waste for many years to come, helping the environment and earning a good reputation for your business.