Hydrogen water series

By now, you surely understand how important water is for daily living. However, did you know that there is a type of water that’s more beneficial and powerful than your regular water? It is none other than Alkaline Hydrogen Water. This type of water pumps molecular hydrogen into the body when ingested, and also helps maintain the acid-alkaline balance in the body.

Aside from being hydrating, it also has the power to remove oxidative free radicals, reduce risks of harmful diseases, avoid premature aging, and promote detox. It is also used to treat serious health conditions such as diabetes, kidney stones, and even cancer.

Alkaline hydrogen water can also be used for other things such as cooking, house cleaning, pet and plant care, and hygienic purposes. Learning more about what it can do to improve your quality of life will help you in the long run.

Here are our top 31 uses of alkaline hydrogen water:

1. Natural and Powerful Detox

natural detox

Cellular damage can lead to a variety of diseases, including cancer, which is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Alkaline hydrogen water acts as a natural and powerful antioxidant that helps in preventing cellular damage. This specialist water helps in rejuvenating from the inside, by providing effective inner body detoxification. Once your inner body is detoxified, the result will be reflected on your outer appearance.

2. Gives Skin a Beautiful Glow

If you have glowing skin, you will undoubtedly look more beautiful. Alkaline hydrogen water works from the inside, so it improves your appearance in a healthy way. It can also be used as a skin toner, as it softens the skin and restores its proper pH balance. In addition, it improves skin texture by boosting collagen production.

3. Slows down Aging

Slow down agingWho doesn’t want to remain youthful for longer? Since alkaline hydrogen water is a super antioxidant, it helps in slowing down the aging process. It works to prevent premature aging among younger people, and helps mature people retain their youthful glow for a longer period of time.

4. Improved Nutrient Absorption and Digestion

Healthy foods provide nutrients to our body. Drinking alkaline hydrogen water will make it easier for the bodily cells to absorb and maximize the good nutrients that come from the food you eat. It is also a good way to keep your tummy healthy and happy all the time!

5. Promotes Hydration


Aside from allowing the body to absorb nutrients in a more effective way, alkaline hydrogen water also helps in keeping the body hydrated at all times. This is key to maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.

6. Stabilizes Free Radicals

Multiple studies show that dissolved hydrogen serves as an excellent antioxidant that has the ability to stabilize free radicals. The human body generates free radicals due to drinking alcohol, smoking, poor diet, preservatives, chemical colorants, the sun’s ultraviolet rays, bacterial and viral infections, pollution, stress, and aging. It also protects the body from active oxygen and harmful free radicals present in cosmetics, radiations, and UV light.

7. Regulates Body Temperature

Alkaline hydrogen water has the ability to decrease physical fatigue and heat loss, so it also helps in regulating body temperature.

8. Prevents Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a type of disorder characterized by many symptoms including hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, and insulin resistance. It is also associated with a risk of Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Alkaline hydrogen water helps in preventing metabolic syndrome and improving cholesterol levels.

9. Treats Diabetes


A Japanese study proves that alkaline hydrogen water helps in improving health for both diabetes and prediabetes patients. In addition to decreasing bad cholesterol in the body, alkaline hydrogen water also improves glucose metabolism.

10. Decreases the Side Effects of Radiation Treatment

A study conducted in 2011 has proven that drinking hydrogen-rich water eases the negative side effects of radiation treatment. In addition to that, the study concluded that it also improves cancer patients’ quality of life.

11. Extensively Used for Therapies and Medical Treatments

medical treatment

Alkaline hydrogen water is also used for therapies or medical treatments either at home on in hospitals. It has been used by a lot of leading hospitals in Japan since the 1960s.

12. Maintains Alertness of the Mind

If you are always busy, you definitely need to have better focus. Drinking alkaline water can help in maintaining your mind’s alertness.

13. Maintains the Body’s pH Balance

Alkaline hydrogen water is capable of maintaining the body’s pH balance and restoring pH levels in the blood stream.

14. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

lower cholesterol level

In addition to assisting in the digestive process, alkaline hydrogen water also helps in lowering cholesterol levels. Drinking this kind of water will make you feel better from the inside out.

15. Prevents Development of Kidney Stones

Drinking at least 8 glasses of alkaline hydrogen water per day will create an alkaline buffer in the blood stream. It will wash away organic acid wastes that cause kidney stones, arthritis, and gout.

16. Cooking Various Dishes


Did you know that the type of water used in cooking impacts the flavor, appearance, and nutritional content of the dish? Alkaline hydrogen water makes noodles and rice taste better and more satisfying. It is also good for tenderizing meats.

17. Washing Fruits and Vegetables

Pure, toxin-free water, such as alkaline hydrogen water, helps clean fruits and vegetables. It also prevents food discoloration and avoids harmful contaminants to be absorbed.

18. Removing Foul Smells

Soak your seafood in alkaline hydrogen water to get rid of all fishy smells and tastes!

19. Tea or Coffee Preparation

coffee & tea

Alkaline hydrogen water allows tea and coffee flavors to fully resonate. It also has the ability to reduce the acidity of both beverages, and works well with cold brews and lightly-roasted coffee.

20. House and Kitchen Cleaning

High pH cleaners are corrosive and they may leave unwanted residue behind. Alkaline hydrogen water is more effective than acidic solutions when it comes to house and kitchen cleaning. Use it for cleaning carpets, counter tops, and floors.

21. Cost-Effective Laundry


Alkaline hydrogen water helps in drawing out dirt, so it is perfect for washing clothes. It also allows you to use lesser amounts of detergent, making it a cost-efficient choice.

22. Stain Removal

Alkaline water has the ability to break down grease and oil stains. This makes it handy for cleaning purposes in all households.

23. Car Wash

Did you know that alkaline detergent can remove asphalt, clay, dirt, rust, salt, oxide, and organic materials (such as tree sap and bugs)? Make sure to use a gentle car cleaning solution and wash it using alkaline hydrogen water.

24. Face Washing and Bathing

facial wash

When used on skin, alkaline water feels softer than acidic water. The type of water you use for face washing and bathing impacts your skin condition. Alkaline water leaves the skin feeling soft and bouncy, while acidic water makes the skin itchy and dry.

25. Hair Rinse

Washing your hair with alkaline water will make it softer, shinier, and more vibrant – which emphasizes your highlights and hair color.

26. Mouthwash

Rinsing your mouth with alkaline hydrogen water helpe restore its proper alkalinity.

27. Treating Skin Rashes and Bee Stings


Alkaline hydrogen water helps treat skin rashes and bee stings by removing the toxins. After washing the affected area with alkaline water, rinse it with acidic water in order to kill germs and bring back the acidic pH of the skin.

28. Indigo Dyeing

Indigo dyeing is probably one of the most popular art and craft uses of alkaline hydrogen water. This dyeing technique infuses plant leaves in water to create the perfect indigo dye solution. Alkaline water helps oxidize the plant leaves, thus creating a beautiful indigo shade.

29. Drinking Water for Pets


Pets can benefit from alkaline hydrogen water too! Fill your pets’ water bowl with alkaline hydrogen water daily to keep them healthy, refreshed, and hydrated.

30. Plant Care

Some plants love a slightly acidic pH, but many of them love alkaline water. Research your plant’s preferred pH and adjust the water accordingly.

31. Disinfectant

Alkaline hydrogen water is also perfect for disinfecting toys and other areas used by your children. Fill your spray bottle with it and use it whenever required.



Which of the aforementioned benefits is your favorite?

As you can see, alkaline hydrogen water can do a lot of things! It can be utilized not only for simple things, but also for serious health concerns. Based on the numerous benefits that you can get from it, it is safe to say that an alkaline hydrogen water machine is one of the best things you can invest your money on.

Do not forget to share these alkaline hydrogen water benefits and uses with your loved ones who might want to learn about them.

Try out our recommended specialist water uses for yourself and experience all the benefits of alkaline hydrogen water starting today!