Hydrogen Water Series FAQ

How much Hydrogen Water shall I drink?

Hydrogen Water can be consumed just like your normal drinking water. The recommended daily intake is about 1.5L to 2L per person. The recommended intake amount is subjected to medical advices and personal physical conditions.

When is the best timing to consume the Hydrogen Water?

The Hydrogen Water can be consumed exactly the same way normal drinking water is consumed. However, since the nano Hydrogen bubbles infused in the Hydrogen Water is extremely light and easily diffused after a while, it is highly recommended to consume your Hydrogen Water as soon as possible for maximum benefits.

Is your bottle safe for consumption purpose?

Our bottle is made with Tritan material—the exact same material used for making baby feeding bottles. Tritan material is eco-friendly, BPA-free material with excellent heat insulation properties to shield you from burns by hot water inside the bottle.

Can I brew tea with the Westcom Hydrogen Water Bottle?

Yes, absolutely. Most other Hydrogen Water Bottles in the market only holds up to 40 Degree Celcius since Hydrogen Gas are very light and extremely easy to evaporate into the air. However, Westcom Hydrogen Water Bottle is able to sustain up to 70 Degree Celcius which is a perfect temperature for brewing various flower teas, green teas and white teas for your liking. Our bottle is also equipped with a anti-splash cap to prevent tea leaves or tea bags from falling out during consumption.

How many times can I generate Hydrogen Water after a full charge of the Hydrogen Water Bottle?

A full charge supports about 15 to 20 times of Hydrogen Water generation.

What is so unique about Westcom Hydrogen Water Series?

Our products ensure the best possible drinking experience with advanced Korean technologies and premium Singapore quality assurance. Both our Hydrogen Water Purifier and Hydrogen Water Dispenser are capable of both pH control and Hydrogen infusion, which is to say that you are assured to enjoy the ultimate healthy drinking benefits of both Alkaline water (pH 9.0) and Hydrogen Water (Anti-Aging and free-radical neutralising) simultaneously.

What is the electricity consumption of the Westcom Hydrogen Water Purifier?

Our purifier serves Alkalinised, purified, Hydrogen-Infused healthy drinking water with absolutely no electricity. Simply connects to your tap water and enjoy!

How often shall I change the filters inside my Hydrogen Water Purifier or Hydrogen Water Dispenser?

The filters should be changed every 6 to 12 months subjected the quality of the water sources. The purifiers can be purchased individually from our online shop. You may also check with our staff via email, our online enquiry form or direct phone calls in the event that you are not sure when to get your filters replaced.