By this time, you have most probably noticed the trend of hydrogen water thanks to numerous celebrities who have been drinking it. This also goes for the trend pundits who continuously forecast it as the next big drink. However, is this “water of life” hype even backed by scientific proof?

Continue reading to learn more about hydrogen water and how it can possibly benefit your health.

First Things First, What Is Hydrogen Water?

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Generally, the primary difference between hydrogen and regular water is that the latter contains a relatively reduced amount of hydrogen. As for hydrogen water, it has more molecular hydrogen which is generally a tasteless and odorless form of gas.

This special form of water consists of hydrogen molecules that function as extremely powerful antioxidants. Such types of molecules help in neutralizing and counterbalancing free radicals that lead to inflammation, aging, disease development, and more. This time, let us focus on the top hydrogen water benefits that have all been backed by science.

Top Hydrogen Water Benefits – Backed by Science

It Boosts Skin Health

If you ever have acute erythematous skin diseases, intravenously administering hydrogen water will significantly improve their skin. Just use the water continuously for three months and it will significantly improve wrinkles as based on human studies.

Hydrogen Water may Promote Oral Health and is Anti-Bacterial

oral healthBased on studies, it is said that hydrogen water may possibly improve your oral hygiene. This is because hydrogen water has antibacterial effects against cavities and gum disease-causing bacteria. If you have a gum infection, taking water that is rich in hydrogen can help greatly.

It May Extend your Lifespan

Molecular hydrogen is said to have the ability to protect your mitochondria and nuclear DNA from oxidative damage. Based on numerous tests, it is said that the H2 treatment also delays the replicative generation of bone marrow stem cells. This actually happens when oxidative stress is reduced.

Delays the Advancement of Neurodegenerative Disease

By battling the oxidative stress in vital brain tissues, hydrogen water can fight the causes of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Hydrogen water affects the brain, countering oxidative stress from killing dopamine cells. It also prevents oxidative stress from damaging protein that helps cognitive functioning.

Prevents and Treats Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome like high-cholesterol and obesity usually cause a number of cardiovascular illnesses. Earlier studies show that hydrogen water can reverse negative metabolic symptoms and also stave-off the metabolic syndrome. This is because hydrogen water has the ability to reverse the effects of oxidative stress.

Decreases Bad Cholesterol

Taking hydrogen water also decreases serum-LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol. It also improves HDL function which is the good cholesterol. This effect prevents the growth of numerous debilitating cardiovascular problems.

Can Suppress Inflammation

If you know someone with rheumatoid arthritis, drinking five liters of hydrogen water daily for four weeks can achieve remission; not only that, but drinking this can also give you a 20% chance to become symptom-free.

It Combats Allergens

A few tests show that taking hydrogen water can weaken immediate allergic reactions. These findings state that the advantageous effects of hydrogen water are not only due to its radical scavenging activities but by modulating certain signaling pathways.

Recovers Energy

recover energy

Studies show that you can recover energy just by drinking hydrogen water. This is because the water improves the energy production of mitochondria; plus, it also decreases muscle damage and fatigue which is beneficial for your sports performance.

Makes sense to carry a hydrogen water bottle while on the move!

Improves Lipid & Glucose Metabolism

According to tests and research, hydrogen water is said to have a reducing action. So if you either have hypertension, diabetes, or atherosclerosis, it will help decrease the levels of cholesterol, LDL, and urinary 8-isoprostanes.

Hydrogen Water Treats Diabetes

Clinical trials that were made for type two diabetes, as well as impaired glucose tolerance showed that taking hydrogen water for eight weeks decreases cholesterol, regulates glucose tolerance, and it also betters insulin resistance.

Reduces Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

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Based on studies, if you are undergoing radiation therapy for liver tumors, taking hydrogen water can prevent appetite loss and suppress oxidative stress.

It Limits Damages on Transplant Organs

As a solution for preservation, hydrogen water can help lessen the damage of various organs during transplants.

Hydrogen Water can Protect Your Liver

Drinking enough hydrogen water can improve liver function. It also reduces oxidative stress – if you or someone you know has chronic hepatitis B.

Supports Strong Muscles and Bones

Drinking this type of water can help support your muscles and bones; plus, it can also maintain the pH levels of your body. It does not need to loot magnesium and calcium from the cells of your bones and muscles and as a result, it prevents osteoporosis and bone loss.

It is a Potent Antioxidant

Hydrogen water can stop oxidation from causing damage on cells in your body. It can also repair cells that have been damaged by oxidation – to prevent them from turning into free radicals.

Enhances Wound Healing

If you have an elderly individual at home, giving them hydrogen water can enhance their recovery and lessen the wound size of their pressure ulcers.

Relieves Kidney Disease

Drinking hydrogen water can reduce blood pressure and inflammation, especially if you are a hemodialysis patient.

It Promotes Gut Health

Hydrogen water may relieve stomach mucosal injuries caused by aspirin. It may also work to protect you from gut damages because of oxidative stress.

Hydrogen Water May Prevent Cancer

You can take heated hydrogen water since it is an effective agent against tumors.

Enhances Mitochondrial-Function

Clinical studies show that taking hydrogen water can directly protect your mitochondria and triggers energy metabolism.

Hydrogen Water is Cardioprotective

The water may somewhat improve your heart-muscle function which means it could be beneficial for diabetic heart-muscle diseases.

Prevents Hearing Loss

hearing loss

Studies show that hydrogen water can prevent the damage of cochlear hair cells after exposure to noise. This means the water may protect you from noise-caused hearing loss.


Hydrogen water is safe for therapy and for drinking – the more water you drink, the better. This is most especially when you have late-stage cancer.

Prevents Numerous Diseases

Various placebo-controlled tests state that hydrogen water has therapeutic potential in more than 170 various animal and human disease models.

Can Relieve Pain

If you are an athlete, adding hydrogen water to your regimen can improve your recovery process. If you also have arthritis, it can help alleviate the pain and decrease inflammation.

Protects your Lungs

Drinking hydrogen water can protect your lungs against lung tissue injuries. It suppresses oxidative stress and inflammation simultaneously.

It is Radioprotective

Hydrogen treatment suggests that it can be utilized as a beneficial radio-protective agent.

Slows Down Aging

Studies also show that hydrogen water should be a vital part of your beauty regimen. Taking this can reduce inflammation and oxidative damage in your skin.

Protects your Organs

Hydrogen water does not only act as an antioxidant that protects your skin but it also helps rejuvenate and protect your internal organs.

Lowers Blood Sugar

Tests have shown that drinking six to eight cups of hydrogen water can help cure metabolic syndrome – a combination of one or more medical disorders like obesity, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, and more. Basically, it can help lower your blood sugar levels.


Hydrogen is not only beneficial to our health, but it is also easy to acquire and consuming this regularly will definitely result to positive health effects such as reduction of oxidative stress, as well as inflammation within your body. Also, various studies have proven that taking hydrogen-rich water can treat a wide range of health conditions to improve a person’s quality of life.

The Next Miracle Drink?

hydrogen alkaline water

For the last few years, there have been numerous studies published on the potential therapeutic benefits of molecular hydrogen. We believe that this tiny yet powerful molecule will be widely appreciated in the years to come!

Learn more about how you can supercharge your health with hydrogen water today and try our recommended hydrogen water so you can experience all of its benefits today.