Hydrogen Water Bottle


Our safe and convenient design enables you to enjoy hustle-free wireless charging by simply sitting the hydrogen water bottle on top of the smart wireless charging pad, which is exclusively included in the package.

At a touch of a button, within a short time span of 5 mins, our patented Hydrogen-generating technology enables high-quality, high-concentration (up to 1200 parts per billion) hydrogen-infused water to be generated – all ready for drinking!

Key Benefits:

Pure Water

Great for a cup of tea

Unlike many other hydrogen water bottles which bear only up to 40 degree Celsius water as the Hydrogen gas inside evaporates very easily, this bottle actually bears up to 70-80 degree Celsius of drinking water, which is suitable for making great tea. It also comes with an Anti-Splash cap for tea leaves/bags to prevent them from falling out.

Blood Circulation

Enhances blood circulation

Boosts metabolism, aids in disease prevention, and improves health.

BPA Free

Suitable for All, even Babies

The bottle is made from BPA-Free, baby-safe Tritan material, which is a light, heat-insulating, impact-resistant material. This material is also widely used for making baby feeding bottles.
Smart Touch

Smart One-Touch Power Button

One touch of the power button is all that’s needed to produce and retain highly-concentrated hydrogen water.

Installation Demo


Premium Platinum Electrode – This high-quality Platinum electrode is embedded to prevent any possible heavy metal ion leakage due to electrolysis. It is our extra effort to ensure better safety for you.

Easy Battery Status Check – In the case of low battery, the LED at the touch button will flicker in blue every 0.5 seconds before the bottle switches off. In the case of flat battery, the blue LED will be off and will not turn on after pressing. When the bottle is fully charged, the blue LED will blink on and off at 10-second intervals.

Splash Cap For Hot Drinks – Our specially-designed splash cap when you are enjoying your hydrogen water and also prevents the tea leaves / bags from coming out of the bottle.

Long-Lasting Charge – Each full charge for the battery will allow repeated generation of high quality hydrogen water up to 15 times.

High H2 Concentration – The hydrogen generator for this water machine is specially designed with our patented technology to produce and retain highly-concentrated Hydrogen water (up to an impressive 1200 parts per billion).


Charging requirement 220V,50-60Hz
Machine size (mm) 70x70x210 (LxWxH)
Machine weight 250g
Bottle capacity 330ml
Hydrogen water productivity 5min
Hydrogen concentration (parts per billion) 700 – 1200
Full charge duration 3 hours