The hybrid mix of Alkaline and Hydrogen Water is a revolutionary product that is designed to augment our diet and lead us into a healthy path or keep us healthy. Every human body undergoes wear and tear while we carry out our day-to-day activities. Our bodies are normally capable to restore itself with adequate nutrition and rest. Unfortunately, with our sedentary lifestyle, we have changed our body’s efficiency to combat diseases and be healthy.  Alkaline Hydrogen Water combines the benefits of both.

  1. Alkaline Water – great for hydration, enhances gut health, provides minerals such as potassium, calcium, etc, manages diabetes, aids weight loss, and
  2. Hydrogen Water – reduces oxidative stress, detoxifies the body, lowers blood pressure, a good source of antioxidants, improves memory, and helps in reducing muscle degeneration.

By consuming hybrid alkaline hydrogen water on a regular basis you can reap these amazing positive health benefits. Get your health back in your control, if it’s not, or maintain that healthy body you already have, here are just a few reasons why you should make this water part of your health plan.


Experts recommend that our body acquire at least 80% alkaline forming in our diet to maintain healthy function.



In the first week, you will feel your body change, for the better! And prep itself to get accustomed to a balance between acid and base levels in the body.

  • Healthier Red blood cells

Alkaline hydrogen water doesn’t take weeks or months to show its effects. Through blood tests, it was established that just within 15 minutes of consumption the red blood cells start becoming healthier. Stacked red blood cells are a sign of excessive stress and by drinking this water an almost immediate change in the red blood cells was seen, as depicted in the video and pictures below.


A research published by the US National Library of Medicine has shown that alkaline water has a significant impact on blood viscosity. It has the capability to reduce the viscosity better than regular purified water; higher blood viscosity is known to cause various cardio-vascular diseases.

Before & After: Results of Blood sample after taking Alkaline Hydrogen Water


  • Enhances hydration

It is estimated by the Centre for Disease Control that about 3 in 4 people are chronically dehydrated, that’s a lot of dehydrated people. Studies have shown the positive effects of alkaline hydrogen water on the hydration status of participants. This helps the body function at it best by regulating the body temperature, transport nutrients and helping in the excretion of toxins and waste products.

This week some individuals may experience some mild side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and muscle twitching since they are not used to the change in the pH level but this usually subsides by end of week 1.


By week two you will find yourself feeling more energetic and good from within.


  • GERD

GERD, commonly known as acid reflux, is an uncomfortable health concern in which the acids from the stomach go up the esophagus resulting in nausea, belching, and burning sensation in the food pipe. A study conducted to gauge the effects of alkaline hydrogen water on participants with GERD showed significant relief from their condition. This is one significant change that most observe in week 2 of regular consumption of this water.

  • Good for the gut

Week 2 is also characterised by a general feel-good factor in the gut or stomach area. That’s because alkaline hydrogen water has properties to reduce inflammation in our body. This property helps it keep the gut health in prim and prime shape and a healthy gut builds a healthy body!

  • Rich source of minerals

Apart from having a higher pH level, the alkaline hydrogen water is rich in minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. All these contribute to better heart and kidney health, lower blood pressure, improved muscle engagement, better digestion, and stronger bones. By drinking an adequate quantity of this water, you may be able to counter deficiency of these minerals.


Now that the body is used to the alkaline hydrogen water you will start seeing many positive benefits of drinking it on a regular basis.


  • Urine pH level

Low urine pH level is the main culprit behind diseases such as loss of bone, kidney stones, obesity, high blood pressure, and even high cholesterol. Regular consumption of this hybrid water has shown to increase the pH level of urine naturally which we believe eventually may help curb the earlier mentioned diseases.

  • Detoxifies the system

We all know what excessive toxins in the body can do to our body. A constant feeling of fatigue, bloating, inflammation in the stomach, and low energy levels are all signs of excess toxin presence in our body. Alkaline hydrogen water helps to naturally detox the body giving it its vigour back and a younger looking you!

  • Metabolic acidosis

Metabolic acidosis occurs when the body starts to produce excessive amounts of acid or when the kidneys fail to function optimally. Some studies suggest that consuming alkaline hydrogen water can help the body adjust its acid-base levels bringing the body back to normalcy. Usually, around week three you would start to feel more energetic, less nauseated, feeling of sickness in the stomach disappearing, fewer headaches, and get your appetite back.

  • Good source of antioxidants

Free radicals are a result of excessive oxidative stress that gives rise to many diseases as we know today. Alkaline hydrogen water is rich in antioxidants that help fight these free radicals and negate their effects on the body. A study conducted on healthy men showed positive effects on serum antioxidant markers and proved that hydrogen water is capable of preventing oxidative stress.


By week 4, the body becomes absolutely comfortable with the high pH levels. You will see the following changes in your body.


  • Lower blood pressure

A research done in China over a period of 3-6 months showed that participants who had hypertension were relieved of this condition upon consumption of alkaline water. It can be used for its therapeutic values in combination with traditional medicines to keep such health conditions under check. When the body gets rid of the excessive acids, the blood viscosity levels reduces and helps in managing blood pressure better.

  • May help manage diabetes

Chronic high blood sugar levels take a toll on the body, initially, it manifests in the form of excessive thirst, fatigue, and headaches followed by more serious ill-effects such as damage to the nerves or impaired vision. Research backs that drinking alkaline hydrogen water can help diabetics manage their blood sugar levels and bring it to normal range. The hybrid water works to enhance the glucose and fat metabolism which in turn helps those with impaired glucose tolerance.

  • Aids weight loss

For the weight watchers, this benefit is what attracts them to alkaline hydrogen water the most. When it is naturally possible to maintain a healthy weight then why go for fad diets? Alkaline hydrogen water can help you lose almost 12 pounds in less than three months. It is around this week that you will start to see loss in inches around the waist and hips and will find yourself fitting into that old jeans you’ve always been wanting to wear.


Given that it is a natural product you don’t have to worry about any side effects from its long-term use. In fact, it is seen that drinking alkaline hydrogen water on a regular basis has a significant impact on the health of individuals.


  • Good for bone health

Alkaline hydrogen water is a good source of calcium; some research believe it to be an even better source than milk and dairy products. A higher intake of calcium would result in better and stronger bones.

  • Improves memory

Do you often find yourself scratching your head trying to remember that task your boss had asked you to finish before the day ends? Well, studies done in 2009 as published in the Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology have shown that hydrogen water helps in reducing the oxidative stress in the brain thereby resulting in better learning and memory. The feeling of ‘fog’ in the brain gradually starts to deplete when this hybrid water is consumed on a daily basis.

  • May improve heart health

When the hybrid water is consumed for a period of 3-6 months, it was found that, the cholesterol, blood sugar, blood viscosity, etc. are better managed therefore the heart is able to function to its best capacity. When the heart doesn’t get overworked the heart muscles remain strong leading to good heart health.


Taking care of our health and body should be our top priority. By learning about all the health benefits that Alkaline Hydrogen Water can provide, corroborated by studies and research, this definitely looks like a suitable addition to our fast life. If you wish to try the hybrid water you may visit Westcom Solutions,, and replenish all the lost minerals and improve overall health to get control of your life back.