Commercial Food Waste Composting Machine – High capacity (>1000kg)


System Specifications

Model WF-1000P
Material SUS & STEEL
Size (L x W x H) 4.1M x 2M x 2.2M (4080mm x 2000mm x 2200mm)
Weight 5200kg
Treatment Process Fermentation & Decomposition using Micro-bite
Treatment Capacity 1000kg/day
Power Consumption 120kWh/ day
Bin Lifter YES
Weight record YES

Westcom produce a range of commercial food waste composting machine solutions for on-site waste reduction in commercial applications. They offer many advantages over other traditional waste management:

  • Turns food waste to compost in just 24 hours
  • Fermentation & Decomposition using Micro-bites
  • Treat Large Capacity of 1000kg/day or 2000kg/day
  • Little power consumption of 80kw/day or 100kw/day

# The above diagrams are for illustration purpose only.
# The above specifications are based on general food waste, and thus their feeding and decomposing capacities vary depending on the type of food waste.
# The product design is subject to change without prior notice for quality improvement.