Reduce food waste footprint by up to 90%
(up to 90% of food waste reduction rate)

Reduce CO2 Emission

No Water Discharge
– Saving all M&E work and related cost for piping settings. No need apply for PUB approval of water discharge.

Patent Biotechnology
– Cooperated with Singapore reputable institution for R&D in microbes. Special design of microbes’ combination for food waste in Singapore market. Owned by Westcom and made in Singapore.
– The only microbes in Singapore market which can degrade bones and sugar cane.
– The only company in Singapore market achieve operation odourless using micro-bite technology.

Low Operating Temperature
– 40 degree celsius
– Save electricity cost as well as for safety purpose.

Reusable Rnd Product: Organic Fertilizer Onsite
– The end product is organic fertilizer onsite certified by AVA and its free from insects, Mollusca and their eggs. No need any further treatment and process.

Interactive LCD Panel
– Monitoring the working status of the machine, such as real-time working temperature, running mode as well as summary data.