Alkaline Hydrogen Water Purifier WHW-300

Alkaline Hydrogen Water Purifier WHW-300

Enjoy the ultimate healthy drinking experience with the premium combination of alkaline water and hydrogen water coming straight out of our purifier which is connected directly to your tap. No electricity needed.

Key Benefits:

Pure Water

Enjoy Pure Drinking Water

Free of impurities, metal ions, disinfectants, bacteria and other harmful substances.


24-Hour No-Plug, Good Water Anytime

Our technology ensures that hydrogen water is produced at constant high concentration, even for continuous water flow.

Energy Efficient


No electricity needed.

Blood Circulation

Enhances blood circulation

Boosts metabolism, aids in disease prevention, and improves health.

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Our light and portable water purifier can be installed anywhere – be it the wall, the kitchen or the dining table.

Installation Demo


pH Value = 8.0 – 9.0 – Most ideal drinking water pH for human body.

Advanced Patented 4-Layer Filtration System – Ensures the best drinking water experience.

High H2 Concentration – The hydrogen generator is specially designed with patented technology to produce and retain a high concentration of hydrogen – up to an impressive 1200 parts per billion.

Direct Tap Connection – Enjoy pure, hydrogen-infused water even during continuous water flow.



Voltage No electricity required
Machine size (mm) 340x375x110 (LxWxH)
Machine weight 4.5kg
Hydrogen water productivity 2000 cc/min
Hydrogen concentration (parts per billion) 1000 – 1200
Filters lifespan 6 – 12 months