Alkaline Hydrogen Office Water Dispenser WHW-400 (Hot & Cold)

Alkaline Hydrogen Water Dispenser WHW-400

Prepare yourself for the ultimate healthy drinking experience with our premium combination of high-quality alkaline water (pH 9.0) and hydrogen water straight out of our water dispenser. Together, the combination of the two advanced technologies is able to provide an even greater anti-aging and detoxing effect.

This is the ideal office & home water dispenser for everyday usage.

Key Benefits:

Easy Installation

Multipurpose Machine

It can serve purified, Alkaline, Hydrogen hot & cold water at the same time from its tanks.

Energy Efficient


It’s also the most efficient machine of this series as it has the highest hydrogen water productivity of 3000cc/min (purifier is only 2000cc/min)

Pure Water

Enjoy Pure Drinking Water

Free of impurities, metal ions, disinfectants, bacteria and other harmful substances.

Blood Circulation

Enhances blood circulation

Boosts metabolism, aids in disease prevention, and improves health.


pH Value = 8.0 – 9.0 – Most ideal drinking water pH for human body.

Advanced Patented 4-Layer Filtration System – Ensures the best drinking water experience.

Good, Hot & Cold Water Dispenser Anytime – Instantly serves both hot and cold purified hydrogen water.

Hybrid Alkaline + Hydrogen Water Dispenser – Premium combination of high-quality alkaline water and hydrogen water.

High Hydrogen Concentration – Produces and retains high-quality, concentrated hydrogen water of 1000 to 1200 ppb.

Produces Pure and Rich Hydrogen Water with hydrogen nano bubbles.


Voltage 220V,50-60Hz
Heating power 450W
Cooling power 100W
Machine size (mm) 360x395x1225 (LxWxH)
Machine weight 23kg
Tank capacity Hot Water 5L, Cold Water 9L
Hydrogen water productivity 3000cc/min
Hydrogen concentration (parts per billion) 1000 – 1200