Those of us who are health conscious put a lot of thought as to what, exactly, we put in our body. For many, that means a closer look at the diet, eliminating toxins and harmful ingredients while prioritizing those that offer more nutritional value. But do you put the same amount of thought and care into the water you drink?

Alkaline hydrogen water dispensers are changing the way we drink water. Combining high-quality alkaline water with hydrogen enhancing technologies offers a significant roundup of health benefits, including everything from anti-aging agents to antioxidants that can help significantly curb your chances of falling ill. Here’s why it’s well past the time to consider an alkaline hydrogen water dispenser for office or home.

1. Perfect for the Office or Home

Alkaline hydrogen waterOffice Water Dispenser dispensers will work in just about any environment where you need water. In the home, you can ensure that all of your family is staying fully hydrated and avoid the potential risks of tap water that hasn’t been thoroughly treated and might contain contaminants. With Alkaline hydrogen water dispenser, the whole family will be protected and hydrated.

There are benefits to be found within the workplace, as well. Whether you’re a business owner or a manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you care for the health and safety of your team. Alkaline hydrogen water can help contribute to their long-term health in a variety of ways. What’s more, the brain-boosting power and more thorough hydration could even help everyone become more productive and engaged in their work.

2. The Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

Our dispensers contain a combination of both alkaline and hydrogen water, two ingredients that have a powerful list of benefits when put together. But let’s start by looking at alkaline water and the wide range of benefits it has to offer:

  • As a powerful anti-oxidant, alkaline water helps protect against free radicals. These free radicals are produced when cells break down inside the body and can directly attack the immune system. When this happens, your body is open to all kinds of infection and disease.
  • Many of you may be familiar with alkaline as a counterpart to acids. Indeed, alkaline water can help balance the pH levels in the body, maintaining acid-alkaline ratios in the blood. When acid levels in the blood get too high, often as a result of fatty foods, smoking, alcohol and so on, it can cause further cell damage.
  • Alkaline water is easier for the body to absorb, ensuring you see all the benefits of proper hydration. As it’s easier to absorb, you get more hydration directly to the kidneys and liver, which play a key role in detoxing the body.
  • Studies on alkaline water have shown that it has the potential to help fight diabetes. A correct alkaline diet supports the pancreas. The pancreas plays a central role in regulating blood sugar and it is often problems with the pancreas that lead to diabetes 

3. The Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

As if the benefits of alkaline water weren’t enough, we combine it with hydrogen enriching technology to build even further on top of that. Here are some of the key benefits of hydrogen water that you should consider:

  • An effective ally in fighting mental and emotional illness such as stress, anxiety, and depression. By absorbing great levels of hydrogen in your water, you can help the body better produce hormones and neurotransmitters like serotonin. These components alleviate stress and help to elevate mood.
  • Hydrogen water can impact your weight loss goals significantly. First of all, hydrogen helps provide energy which can enable you to persevere during a tough workout. What’s more, some studies suggest that it plays a key role in metabolizing carbohydrates and lipids, more effectively processing them so that they don’t accumulate as fat but provide more energy to your cells.
  • The metabolizing role of hydrogen water to lipids also applies to sugars. This means that it can lower blood sugar levels throughout the body. Combined with the benefits to the pancreas of alkaline water, an alkaline hydrogen water dispenser can drastically decrease your chances of developing diabetes.
  • Just like alkaline, hydrogen water can help introduce more antioxidants to the body, helping to fight free radicals. Free radicals don’t just make you more prone to disease, they also play a significant role in the development of cancer cells. We are exposed to many carcinogens throughout the day, so drinking hydrogen water can help you turn the balance back in your favour.
  • Hydration is crucial throughout all parts of the body. Hydrogen-rich water, when combined with the absorption boost provided by alkaline activation, has a plethora of benefits to the body. You will be less likely to suffer from joint inflammation, you will have fuller, younger looking skin that is better protected, you will reduce muscle fatigue and you might even benefit from a more active, healthy brain.

When combined, the power of hydrogen water and alkaline water are nothing to be taken lightly. They can contribute to a healthier, fuller life in a wide variety of ways, from helping to fight specific diseases to ensuring that your body gets the full extent of hydration that it might not be getting from other water sources. 

4. Enjoy Hot or Cold Water at your Convenience

One of the great benefits of an alkaline hydrogen water dispenser is its versatility. You will have cold water on tap whenever you want and you can easily refill it once you’re done. However, if you want a cup of green tea or hot water with lemon, you don’t need another device. These dispensers provide both hot and cold water and at the same time, ensure that you’re getting the full health benefit of alkaline and hydrogen water. 

5. No Need to Change Dispenser Refills

Many water dispensers will require you to change dispenser refills all at once. Every time you finish drinking the water in the machine, you need to change the refill component, which can be very heavy and burdensome. There is no need for that with our alkaline hydrogen water dispenser. It works with the water you already have, so there is no need to purchase a new water refill. Simply connect to the water source and let the technology get to work. Besides making it a lot easier, this ensures that you’re not spending on pretreated water that can be very expensive. You just need to buy the machine and then enjoy the health benefits time and time again.

How do they Work?

Example of  Smaller Hydrogen Alkaline Water Purifier Installation

Depending on which you select, alkaline hydrogen water dispensers can work in a variety of ways. Some smaller devices will fit onto faucets, but most of them are filled with water which then goes through the process of receiving alkaline and hydrogen treatments. They filter and adjust the pH balance of the water using electrolysis to separate the water streams into alkaline and acidic components. Furthermore, they include an activated carbon filter which can also go on to remove impurities, metal ions, bacteria and other harmful substances.

Separately, the machines pump molecular hydrogen into the water, improving its overall hydrogen content. Alkaline hydrogen water dispensers shouldn’t be confused with alkaline water filters or hydrogen machines which only provide one side of the benefits, instead of all of them.

Once you know that you’re ready to start drinking water that’s truly good for you, come and check out the options, start exploring, and purchase an alkaline hydrogen water dispenser today.