Dehydration can have adverse effects in the body over the long run. When you are feeling thirsty, it’s actually a sign of dehydration, and that’s why having a portable hydrogen water bottle is a smart way to ensure you stay hydrated whether at work, in the gym or wherever you go. Moreover, we are often advised to drink eight glasses of water a day. While drinking plain water can be refreshing, scientific researches find that simple water can be upgraded to provide as much health benefits as possible. One of these discoveries is the hydrogen water.

Hydrogen (H2) is a component of water (H20) that is tasteless, colourless and odourless in its natural gaseous state. Researchers in Japan discovered in 2007 that the hydrogen gas can help protect the brain from free radicals, and thus, act as antioxidant which is beneficial to health. Since then, further studies revealed that drinking hydrogen-infused water is a convenient, practical way to bring in the beneficial molecule into the body for health benefits.

Aside from being neuroprotective and antioxidant, the benefits of Hydrogen water are aplenty. Among these are:

  • suppresses inflammation
  • lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • reduce muscle weakness and fatigue
  • boosts weight loss
  • enhances metabolism

But despite being a long-time trend in Japan, drinking hydrogen-rich water is a fairly new practice for the rest of the world. Thus, it will be difficult to find hydrogen water as it not widely available. Don’t worry though, as the Westcom Hydrogen Water Bottle can help you solve this problem! With this portable bottle, you will have that refreshing water on the go wherever you are. You can also enjoy other benefits, too! Here are the details:

1. High Hydrogen Concentration, just add Water

There are no known side effects in ingesting molecular hydrogen. Furthermore, a high concentration of hydrogen is not toxic. You too can enjoy the benefits of hydrogenated water with the Westcom water bottle. All you have to do is add water and turn on the power button to start the hydrogen generation process, which lasts for 5 minutes. The bottle is designed with Westcom’s patented technology to produce and retain concentrated hydrogen water to as much as 1,200 parts per billion.

2. Natural Antioxidants

Clinical studies are ongoing regarding the benefits of molecular hydrogen to combat specific diseases, but so far, current researches reveal that its impact as a therapeutic antioxidant is extraordinary (source). Molecular hydrogen is also seen to have potential in antioxidant therapy for patients with rheumatoid arthritis and related diseases (source).

The cells in our body generate free radicals whenever they consume oxygen every second. These free radicals are commonly known as causes for ageing and various diseases. In order to prevent them from doing damage to our body, we need to take in antioxidants. Molecular hydrogen is one of the sources of natural antioxidants since hydrogen is naturally present in the body, and thus, not classified as medicine.

3. Made with Premium Platinum Electrodes

When choosing your Hydrogen water maker, make sure to opt for one from a dependable company. That’s why you can never go wrong when you choose the Westcom hydrogen water bottle. The Company puts an extra effort in ensuring greater safety for you. The high-quality platinum electrode in the Westcom bottle is embedded to avoid the risk of heavy metal ion leakage during the electrolysis process.

4. You can make Hot Beverages

If you want to give your hydrogenated water a bit of taste from time to time, you’ll be happy to have a portable water bottle that lets you make your beverages wherever you go. In fact, this water can be used in making hot teas and other infusions as long as the water isn’t boiling.

Since hydrogen evaporates easily, ordinary hydrogen water bottles can only handle at most 40-degree Celsius. But the Westcom water bottle can handle as high as 80 degrees, which allows you to directly brew your tea in the bottle. All you have to do is put your tea inside the bottle, add your hot water, and press the button to start the infusion. You can even use cold water for your tea as well. Check out this video for a demonstration:

But what makes the Westcom water bottle even more practical for hot beverages is the specially designed anti-splash cap, which helps prevent the tea bags or leaves from going out of the battle, and thus, letting you enjoy your flavoured hydrogen water as you pour it unto your cup.

5. Long Battery Life

A fully charged battery of a hydrogen water bottle allows you to generate hydrogenated water to up to 15 times. That’s good enough to have your bottle on the go for the entire day outside of home without having to recharge the battery.

With the Westcom bottle, checking the battery status is convenient. The blue LED indicator will flicker every 0.5 seconds if the battery is low, alerting you to find an electric socket as soon as possible to ensure having constant supply of hydrogen-infused water while you’re still outside your home.

6. Wireless Charging

Charging the Hydrogen water bottle should be as convenient as you operate it. The Westcom bottle comes with an exclusive smart wireless charging pad where you can simply put the bottle on for hassle-free wireless charging.

7. Made of High-Quality Materials

The Westcom bottle comes with high quality materials that make the product impact-resistant, heat-insulating and lightweight. It’s also made from BPA-free Tritan material, which means that the hydrogen bottle is safe to use for everyone, even for babies. And that should be the case because babies can also enjoy the health benefits of drinking hydrogen water.

8. Innovative Technology

The portable Hydrogen water bottle is created with innovative technology because it allows you to generate your hydrogen-infused water wherever you are, even when you’re having a vacation overseas. It’s a convenient, handy version of the bulky Hydrogen water generators available in the market these days. With the Westcom bottle, the one-touch button is all you need to generate the special water and retain the drink’s high concentration.

9. Reduce Plastic Waste – don’t need to buy Bottle Mineral Water

While pre-packaged hydrogen water may be available for sale in your area (especially when you’re vacationing in Japan), it is still best to have a portable water bottle for a more practical and more eco-friendly approach. Also, you won’t have to buy bottled hydrogen water or any other mineral water since you can create your own just adding any potable water into your special infusing bottle. Furthermore, when it comes to the Westcom Hydrogen water bottle, the material used is the high-quality BPA-free Tritan, a durable plastic that will extend the useful life of the bottle, and thus, helps in reducing waste.

10. Beauty Purposes

Drinking is not the only way to use hydrogen water. You can apply the special liquid to any parts of the body as well to eliminate the free radicals on your skin. You can use a washcloth to do this or you can directly apply it on your skin. Also, when there’s a humidifier at home or in the office, you can also use it with hydrogen water to add moisture to the air and treat dryness of skin, throat, nose and lips. Check out these videos to learn more:

For Humidifier



The health benefits of drinking hydrogen water cannot be underestimated. Buy a portable Hydrogen Water Bottle today to have your fill of hydrogen water whenever you want and wherever you are!

When it comes to the Westcom Hydrogen Water Bottle, here are the product specifications for your perusal:



Product Size (LxWxH) 340 x 375 x 110 mm
Product Weight 4.5 kg
Material BPA-safe Tritan plastic
Voltage No electricity required
Hydrogen Water Generation 2,000 cc/min
Hydrogen Concentration 1,000 – 1,200 parts per billion
Filters Lifespan 6-12 months